2020: The Year Of The Rat

The Year Of The Rat started on 25th of January 2020 and it will last until 11th of February 2021. Unlike the widely used Gregorian calendar, Chinese calendar is closely connected with lunar phases and each year starts on a different date. But why is this year named The Year Of The Rat? Let’s find out!

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac consists of 12 different animal signs and the first of them is The Rat. Each zodiac repeats every 12 years and once all animal signs had their year, the cycle starts all over again.

Wonder whether you’ve been born in a previous Year of the Rat? The most recent ones took place in 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008, so if your birth year is listed here, you are a Rat!

Other animals in Chinese zodiac include: Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

2020: The Year Of The Rat 1


There are many versions of the story about the creation of the Chinese Zodiac. One version says that the Jade Emperor called a race to celebrate his birthday and the first 12 animals to pass the finish line would be a part of Chinese Zodiac. According to the story, the rat managed to hitch a ride on the ox’s back across the river and jump off just before the finish line to cross it first. In another version, Buddha called upon all animals to help save humanity, but only 12 species responded to the request, so Buddha made them members of the Chinese Zodiac to reward them.

However it happened, it’s clear that a rat plays a huge role in the Chinese culture and is considered as a skilful and enterprising animal. Even in the modern day and age, the Rat is a symbol of quick thinking and fertility, making it the go-to zodiac for couples, who are trying to conceive.

Personality and Characteristics

Many Chinese people believe and go by the traditional astrology to the point, where they even choose their partners or friends based on their zodiac compatibility. So what are the strengths and weaknesses of people born in the Year of The Rat?

Associated with new beginnings and prosperity, The Rat is clever, quick witted and energetic, but content with living their life in the background. They have kind personalities and are sensitive to other people’s emotions. Even though they are thought to be optimistic and liked by all, they can also be stingy and rude at times, mostly due to their lack of communication skills.

Men born in the Year Of The Rat are usually clever, full of creative ideas and great at taking advantage of opportunities, however their lack of self confidence and courage can make them unsuitable for leadership positions.

Women born in the Year Of The Rat are thought to be somewhat traditional and considerate towards their friends and family. They have many skills and can learn to do almost anything, that’s why they are valued at home and at work alike.

Rat Symbolism

Even though Rat appears first in Chinese Zodiac cycle and is mostly considered as an intelligent and shrewd animal, it can also be portrayed in a less positive light as a spreader of infection or destroyer of crops. Its place in Chinese mythology is rather complicated and there are plenty of derogatory sayings in Chinese language used to this day to describe people’s negative behaviour. “Run like a rat” or “Look thievish like a rat” are just two of the most popular ones.

Lucky or Unlucky?

It’s believed in Chinese culture, that people should surround themselves with certain things to bring them luck and avoid those considered as bad luck bearers. Many superstitions are connected to each individual Chinese zodiac animal, so it’s important to know, what’s good and what’s bad for your sign.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of lucky and unlucky things for people born in the Year Of The Rat:

  • Unlucky numbers: 5 and 9
  • Unlucky colours: yellow and brown

What Will 2020 Year Of The Rat Bring?

Great success and financial gain for those, who know how to take advantage of opportunities, but also uncertainty and challenges are waiting in 2020 Year Of The Rat.

2020: The Year Of The Rat 2

First part of the year will be the most difficult in regards to health and stress levels, but now more than ever following your intuition and trying to stay positive will be the most helpful in overcoming everyday obstacles.

Second part of the year will bring some improvements, but in 2020 nothing should be left to chance. To succeed in The Year Of The Rat you will need to gather all your strength and determination in pursuing your goals and achieve greatnes. Even though the Year Of The Rat 2020 will have its up and downs, with careful planning and calculated moves you will be able to get through everything the year brings.

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